Conair GS60 Deluxe Compact Fabric Steamer Review

Conair GS60 Deluxe Compact Fabric Steamer
Retail Price: Varies based on product options
Amazon Price: $184.77
The Conair GS60 Deluxe Compact Fabric Steamer comes across as a good, mid-range steamer. And I’d say that’s exactly what it is! There are better models and there are worse models, but overall, the Conair GS60 is really good for its price.

First of all, the price is great! I paid less than $30 for this thing, and we all know that very rarely is anything under $30 actually any good! And for that price you get a steamer that does actually do the job it was designed to do. It just flat out works and at any price, the results are of a great standard. When it comes to getting creases out of anything, a product is either “good” or “useless”. There’s no in between. It either gets the creases out or it doesn’t, and the GS60 does.

The GS60 uses a 1200-watt steamer and heats up in about 5 minutes. As I say, this lives up to being a good mid-range option as there are many lower and higher wattage alternatives and products that heat up in more or less time. I think overall, 5 minutes is a very reasonable time to heat up and it then gives a good 40 minutes of continuous steam.

Considering the price, the GS60 seems pretty well made and durable, and it’s lightweight enough to be easily maneuverable. It’s a compact size with it’s flexible hose so it’s easy to store, but my favourite thing is simply the ease of use. It’s just to quick and straight forward. I can literally get through a weeks worth of ironing in about 30 – 40 minutes and that includes silks, jeans, men’s shirts, you name it. It works best on cotton clothing but does a good job with everything else too.

As for downsides, it’s really hard to find a fault in the GS60 simply because it does it’s job well and at an unbelievably cheap price. It’s obviously a lower powered device than some models which means it doesn’t heat up as quick and it may be takes a bit longer to work on all item of clothing, but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. I would point out that I’ve been slightly burned a couple of times, but that’s more my fault than anything. It features a “cool-touch” base and handle which does allow you to avoid burning yourself, but practice is the best solution.

Here’s a summary of the Conair GS60:


  • It works!
  • Amazing price makes it very affordable
  • Very easy to use and store when not using
  • Lightweight but very durable
  • Comes with various attachments


  • Lower power than some other garment steamer models

In conclusion, the GS60 is not a complete replacement to your iron, as there may be times when an iron will give you more meticulous results, but for everyday use, the GS60 is amazing. You may have to give it a chance when you first try it out and get used to it before you form an opinion, because with a little bit of practice you’ll fall in love with this thing. Get this steamer while the price is still so low.

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