How Does a Garment Steamer Work?

man using garment steamer on coatThe garment steamer is an amazing household and industrial invention. It takes away the chore out of ironing, which can be really tedious. It also takes a fair amount of skill to do ironing really well. However, anyone, even a novice can use a garment steamer. A garment steamer is very easy to use and unlike irons, you do not have a hard time with buttons, collars and seams.

It also straightens out clothes faster and easier. Many professional tailors and clothing boutiques prefer to use garment steamers because they can freshen up clothing and upholstery in the fastest and most effective manner.

Garment steamers vary in appearance but there is a basic steamer by which many consider the standard. The basic steamer prototype is one with a water compartment as a main body and a rubber hose with a head which releases steam. It also comes with a 5 foot long metal rod. When the machine is turned on, the water is heated up, forming steam. Hot steam travels up the rubber tube and exits through the head. The rod supports the hanged article of clothing for steaming.

The steamer effectively removes crinkles on clothing by using hot steam to penetrate the fabric. Additional up and down motions done by hand smooths out crinkles, giving the fabric a nice ironed-out look. The speed of the whole process boils down to the density of the material. Thicker materials require more steaming while thinner ones require less. Porous materials such as cotton, linen and wool can be steamed under a minute.

Professional grade steamers tend to be bulkier and sturdier because they are meant for industrial use. Home steamers on the other hand tend to be simpler in function and lighter in weight. There are even professional as well as home steamers that provide the compactness which is perfect for travelers.

Travelers will find small steamers handy enough to bring along on trips. Since laundry services can be rather pricey, a personal steamer in the luggage will keep travel costs low. Thanks to portable garment steamers, you can now enjoy crinkle-free, smart looking clothes wherever you go.