How to Maintain Your Garment Steamer

using and maintaining a garment steamerThe garment steamer is an indispensable tool for straightening out clothing. It makes the iron and board redundant with its efficiency. Like any other household appliance, the garment steamer needs proper care and maintenance in order to provide you its best service. Here are some tips to keeping your garment steamer in tip-top condition.

1. Ensure that there is enough water in the steamer’s reserve. If the water in the steamer dries out often enough, this will eventually be damage the steamer’s thermostat.

2. Use tepid water. The temperature and type of water you use affects the lifespan of the product. The best kind of water to use for steaming is distilled, room temperature water. This type of water is free from build-up causing minerals.

3. Keep the water pure. Do not attempt to add fragrance, baking soda or anything else into the water. Again, the best water to used is purified distilled water as it is free of sediments.

4. Use the correct method of steaming. Steaming is done in an upright manner, unlike the conventional iron and board.

5. Shut the lid securely. Letting water or steam escape can cause leakages. Keep the exterior dry for long term wear.

6. Disengage the power plug at the socket head. Tugging the steamer’s cord will weaken the connection permanently.

7. Empty water well after each use. Leaving water in the well for long periods will cause mineral to harden in the steamer’s interior walls. The mineral build-up can be tricky to remove if untouched for a long time.

8. De-lime your steamer when you notice steam power failing. When your steamer’s productivity has retarded, it is most likely caused by the build up of a mineral called lime or calcium. This deposit is caused by using hard tap water. Use 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water and let it work at dissolving the lime for about thirty minutes. You may find that more than cleaning may be required for thicker build-ups.

Remember to carry out this cleaning process every three to six months even if steaming is smooth. This will ensure your garment steamer’s longevity and effectiveness for years to come. Happy steaming!