How to Use a Garment Steamer

woman using a garment steamerBefore you start using a garment steamer, note the instruction labels on the reverse side of the clothing. The label will tell you the proper method for the garment’s maintenance. Some materials can be heat sensitive. Avoid steaming such articles of clothing as it will ruin it. Some fabrics are also more prone to color streaking.

It is wise to check how they will hold up to the steaming process by testing on a smaller patch. If you are not sure, simply bring the clothes to the professional dry cleaners.

Here is how you would operate a garment streamer.

  1. First fill your steamer with water according to your steamer instructions. Plug in and turn on your garment steamer and wait for it to warm up.

  2. Once you see steam, you can activate the lever to release the steam. This is to confirm the amount of steam released. This switch can be used to again and again during steaming sessions whenever you need a boost of steam.

  3. The steamer works upright on clothing, so you will have to hang all your clothes while you steam. Take your steamer and project the steam onto the piece of clothing. Steam your clothing bottom first, working your way in an upward motion. Going back and forth helps alleviate crinkles faster.

  4. Closing in on the fabric helps to dissolve crinkles faster. However, avoid going too close to more delicate article of clothing such as silk, satin or velvet. Also remember to steam treated articles such as screen-print t-shirts, sequin or threaded materials on the reverse side. Heftier garments will require more repetitions but with thinner, lighter garments you will need lesser runs. Just note that you should be steaming in a vertical fashion to avoid the condensed water from flowing into the steamer.

  5. Do allow some time for newly steamed clothing to dry as they can get a little wet from steaming. Air drying the steamed clothes for a bit before placing them in storage is a good idea. This will minimize any mustiness.

You may also want to consider using a steam press. A steam press is a handy equipment around the home, office or boutique. Compared to traditional ironing, a steam press is easier and faster to use. It is not only for steaming out the crinkles on clothing, you can also use the steam press on various textiles such as regular cloth curtains, bedding and home or vehicle upholstery.