Jiffy Steamer J-4000 Pro-Line Commercial Garment Steamer Review

I’ve used various steamers in the past with “Okay” results, I’d used relatives’ and friends models but also bought a couple myself, and the results were always pretty good, but not enough to ditch the iron! Well, I still had hope and I still had that resentment towards the iron so I thought I’d bite the bullet and splash out on the Jiffy Steamer J-4000 Pro-Line Commercial Garment Steamer!

It’s definitely on the higher end in terms of price but I’m glad to say, I think it’s well worth it. First of all, the build quality is very good and what you’d expect for a higher end model, and it was also a breeze to assemble (took me about 5 minutes).

It’s got a very large water tank which is something that appealed to me. It’s advertised as having a capacity of 1 gallon but it’s actually slightly more than that I’ve found. It’s a 1500-watt steamer, so again, you’re getting what you pay for. The J-4000 heats water up in about 15 minutes so it’s certainly longer than other steamers, due to the larger water tank.

To a point, this could be seen as a downside but I’ve found if you simply put less water into the tank then the heat up time will only take a few minutes. It also has a standby setting where it will maintain the temperature of the water so that comes in handy at times and allows you to start steaming quickly.

Due to the large water tank, when at full capacity, the J-4000 can continuously produce steam for a good 1 and ¾ hours. That was one thing that put me off with models I’ve used in the past. They ran out of steam (literally) after about 15 minutes, and it often wasn’t enough to get the job done in one go. You certainly won’t have that problem with the J-4000!

And as a nice little bonus, one thing I’ve also discovered is that the J-4000 will remove any odor from your clothing or whatever fabric you decide to steam! It’s not a benefit that’s advertised but I think it’s worth mentioning!

Other than the long-ish heat up time that can be avoided, the only real downside – if any – is the general size of the thing when it comes to storage. It obviously has a pretty big “footprint” so that’s worth bearing in mind but provided you have the space, it’s not a big problem to put up with.

So here’s a summary of the J-4000:


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Good build quality
  • Extremely long time of steam output (about 1 and ¾ hours)
  • Also removes odor
  • Large water tank (more than a gallon)


  • Certainly on the pricey side
  • 15 minute heat up time (can be less time with less water)
  • Quite large to store compared to other models

As you can see, I’m very impressed with the J-4000 and trying desperately hard to defend and possible short comings! If you want the “best of the best” when it comes to steamers and the possibility of eliminating the iron to a very, very, very last resort, then the J-4000 is for you. Absolutely fantastic!

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