Professional Garment Steamers – Buyer’s Guide and Recommendations

professional garment steamer guideProfessional garment steamers operate at a higher voltage compared to home steamers. At 1500 watts, professional garment steamers provides a powerful stream of steam capable of straightening the densest of fabrics. Most professional models feature two thermostats instead of one, making start up faster. The system’s readiness to steam is also indicated by a flickering light, negating the need for guesswork.

The larger water reservoirs of professional grade steamers allow one to steam massive amounts of garments in one session. 1 gallon of water can provide steaming time of close to two hours.

The sophistication of professional garment steamers are remarkable. Many models have custom settings for a wide range of different materials. This makes working with different materials within a session simple. They treat a myriad of materials, such as linen to wool with a turn of a knob. A water gauge is a must-have feature for every grade of steamer as it is important to know when water levels are low.

Better garment steamers come with an auto switch off system, acting as a protective mean for its interior. The steamer’s reservoir is usually made of an anti-rust metal such as stainless steel. Some models run on regular tap water but most professional grade steamers run on distilled water. This is because hard tap water contains sediment which tend to collect and cake on the walls and base of the steamer’s water well. Another handy feature is the indication of such build ups within the steamer’s reserve.

Garment steamers are a great alternative to conventional ironing. Unlike ironing, steaming will not cause damage to garments. Conventional irons may cause burn marks and holes when done incorrectly. On the other hand, garment steamers eliminate such risks while straightening and treating fabrics simultaneously.

Professional garment steamers are made of durable die-cast aluminum as they are intended for long term use. An exciting array of different steaming and brush heads accompanies the professional garment steamer. These heads work wonderfully on different kinds of fabrics and steaming tasks. Extensible rods support the hanging of bigger clothing items such as coats and trousers. With professional garment steamers, no longer do you have to navigate through annoying buttons, stitches and awkward hems.

Professional garment steamers truly makes clothes straightening a breeze and if you want a powerful garment steamer that works extremely well, you should always go for a residential or professional level garment steamer instead of the small portable travel garment steamers, which have less powerful steam and are mainly built for convenience and use while mobile.